Crossbow Vs. Compound Bow: What to Choose as a Beginner?

crossbow vs compound bow

The debate ‘crossbow vs. compound bow’ has never seemed to be less hot in recent years. Both items have their pros and cons, so it will depend mostly on what your intentions are to own the right bow. If you take archery as a hobby, what kind of bow should you choose? The same question is asked when you need a bow for hunting.

Let’s go through the advantages and drawbacks of each and decide which one is suitable for you.

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Crossbow vs. Compound Bow: The Differences

Compound bows are modern weapons known for their velocity, power, and accuracy. In order to use a compound bow, you need to hold it vertically. Compound bows are fairly the same to traditional bows, but with additional modern utilities.

On the other hand, crossbows can be held horizontally, which makes it easier and more comfortable to carry around.

And that’s pretty much the basic difference between the two bows. Next, we’ll discuss further the pros and cons of each item.

Why Should You Choose to Use Crossbows?

As you might have guessed, crossbows are much easier to use than compound bows. You can aim targets from any position: standing, kneeling or even sitting.

That’s why people with shoulders and joints problems tend to go with crossbows rather than compound bows. Compound bows require you to aim and target more precisely before releasing an arrow.

When using a crossbow, you can keep the bow in the nocked position for as long as you want until you pull the string. After that, you can find the most comfortable position to aim a target depending on your eyesight.

Crossbows help you shoot faster by drawing weights up to 100lbs! However, they can only be used to aim short-distance targets.

Also, they’re heavier than compound bows, and the vibration effect can make loud noises, affecting the hunting target.

Why Should You Choose to Use Compound Bows?

As for compound bows, despite the complex components, it is quite easy to learn how to use a compound bow. If you’re interested in archery and want to master the skill, you ought to choose compound bows.

Compound bows are more lightweight compared to crossbows. Thanks to the minimized string vibration, compound bows give quiet shooting.

The arrow once being released is more likely to hit the target due to the lower draw weight

Of course, everything has its pros and cons. Learning how to use a compound bow may be easy but actually use it and successfully hit a target is a different story. What is more, they have lower FPS than crossbows

Which one is Better?

Crossbows vs. compound bow: It would be a subjective opinion to decide which one is better. Personal preference and practice are all that matters.

Crossbows or compound bows for beginners?

Crossbows are harder to carry around, but once you get used to the weight, it makes a great weapon for hunting. On the other hand, if your aim is to practice hitting targets as a hobby, I suggest you go with compound bows.

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