Must-know: 6+ Best Crossbow Broadheads

Today, we will discuss the best crossbow broadheads for your successful hunting in 2020. Now that you might be wondering whether to choose the mechanical bladed or fixed blade broadheads. We confirm that both are good or bad in some cases.

Hence, in this blog, we provide you with both, along with a complete buying guide so that you

6+ Best Crossbow Broadheads Reviews

Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain 2 Inch Cut

If you have used crossbows for years, you might not be strange to Swhacker. This brand specializes in broadheads for crossbow and other archery fields.

And, one of its best-selling products is the Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain 2 Inch Cut. What to expect?

  • A set of three heads

There are three sharp broadheads coming upon the package with which you can ultimate the speed and hunting performance.

  • Two separate cutting edges

One edge is used to cut through the major set of the hide, tissue, and beams, or to expose the head to provide weight-bearing outward.

The other edge is known as the key blades. These parts are forced to open once penetrating inside the body of animals.

  • A durable ferrule

These mechanical broadheads are made of aluminum. As a result, you can expect that they are both durable and lightweight.

Recommended for small- to medium-sized game animals thanks to the mechanical design and aero dynamicity.

Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic – Mechanical Broadhead

Overall, the Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic broadheads are supposed to go deep into the target like a hot knife on the butter. The technology behind these broadheads is helpful to create consistent and accurate shooting.

  • Both 100-grain and 125-grain heads

Based on your preferences, you can go for 100 or 125-grain heads. The ferrule alignment stays unchanged. Specifically, you can get 3 packs of razor-sharp stainless steel blades to punch a sizable hole on the animals.

  • Hypodermic technology

Crafted with rea-deploying blades, the heads can slide back to enhance the cutting ability and penetration. Accordingly, the chisel tip will first puncture and go through even the tough bone and muscle. Then, the cut-on-contact blades are in place to slice over the flesh and cause a gaping wound.

  • No practice tip as promised

The only complain is about the practice tip. Although it is mentioned in product specifications, many consumers reported that it is missing in the final package. In that case, you should contact the manufacturer to help.

Rage Crossbow Broadheads CrossbowX 2-Blade Archery

For your information, the Range CrossbowX 2-Blade is the best broadhead for crossbow over 400 fps.

For good reason:

  • Reliable construction which is built to last

This mechanical crossbow broadhead is made of sturdy and long-going aluminum and pure steel. They are rust- and corrosion-free, so you can rest assured from the subtle chance that the broadheads are damaged soon.

Even better, the stainless-steel material is supposed to cut any object very fast and smoothly.

  • The outstanding e-shock collar technology

The shock collars techniques are used to train pets to ensure their collars do not fall off the neck, even under unsteady movements.

When being used to develop the crossbow broadheads, this technology means that the blades will neither get loose nor misplaced over time.

  • The aerodynamic flight is included

The entire head can fly in an “aerodynamic” plan theory thanks to the great force amid. The arrow will go straight to the target animals in blinks.

Ramcat Hydroshock Pivoting Broadheads

At the very first glance, you might be immediately impressed by the sharp and durable construction of Ramcat Hydroshock Piv.oting Broadheads. Then, when you give the heads a real try, you will also be persuaded by a list of outstanding features:

  • Double-edged pivoting construction

The heads work as a hydrodynamic plow which has replaceable blades.

This mechanical crossbow broadhead will pierce the air and create a large and deep hole in contact with the skin of prey. Even more, the pivots with double-edge technology allow cutting through tissues and even end up to the bones.

  • The air-resistant technology in almost all environments

The two edges with deep lobes under the mechanical will minimize the air pressures significantly. As a result, the head can cut foil and reach targets almost silently.

  • The Ramcat firelock aero-concentric technology

Even more advanced, there are two O-shaped rings on the sharp to decrease the thread slop and guarantee an excellent alignment during the flight of the arrow.

All in all, the Ramcat broadheads for crossbow provides high accuracy, efficient flight, and unique design to optimize penetration power.

Muzzy Crossbow Broadheads Trocar Crossbow Archery

First and foremost, this Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Archery is an advanced fixed-blade broadhead.

  • The head is inspired by laparoscopic trocars technology

Interestingly enough, the Trocars is a surgical instrument to open the body for surgery.

With a similar capacity, the advanced Muzzy Crossbow Broadheads will penetrate the target’s body significantly. This is partly thanks to the solid-steel chisel tip with it we can avoid any deflection.

  • The broadheads can combat unwanted crosswind

The impact of unwanted crosswind will not cause any trouble for this broadhead. As a result, accuracy is improved and dependable in almost all cases.

  • The replaceable blades are available

The blades can be removed so that you can simply sharpen the heads to maintain its strength.

Even more, there are several replacements for the blades coming in kits in case you want to exchange the damaged ones.

Carbon Express Quad Pro Broadhead

Carbon Express Quad Pro Broadhead is the last in the list – but definitely not the least. Let’s see what this fixed-blade crossbow broadhead can do!

  • It maximizes the damage with 6 cutting-edges

Featuring 6 sharp edges, this broadhead can easily penetrate and enlarge the wound opening accuracy so that you can hit any animals, from small to large ones.

  • 100% aerodynamic accuracy and spin power is guaranteed

Besides the cutting edges, the Carbon Express is designed with a spinning ability to enhance the devastation and precision when reaching the target.

  • Very affordable price is available at your fingertips

A set of 3 fixed-blade broadheads comes at a very favorable price. Thus, you can save much compared to purchasing from other brands.

Not to mention, it is advisable to use the heads for aluminum and carbon arrows from the brand to get an even better deal.

How to Choose a Set of Crossbow Broadheads?

Crossbow & the broadheads’ weight

Your money will be spent on nothing if the broadheads do not work fine with your crossbow. Hence, always know your crossbow first.

For example, looking into the draw-weight and the materials of the crossbow. Can it handle a heavy and sharp broadhead?

Normally, most crossbows work well with the broadheads 12 – 15% FOC to achieve a flatter shooting and excellent penetration.

And, the most preferred weight goes around 100 to 125 grains.

Fixed vs Mechanical blade broadheads

What the best broadhead is: fixed blade or mechanical blade is still controversial among hunters.

In fact, you can use both – for different purposes based on the pros and cons as follows.

Fixed blades – Good for heavier games

This type of broadheads stays “fixed” in place during impact and flight. Some fixed-blade heads are even removable to fit various broadhead ferrules.

These heads are available in different shapes, weights, and diameters. Thus, you can pick ones along with your hunting preferences.


  • The fixed styles mean the heads do not malfunction unexpectedly
  • You will not waste energy or time or worry about extending folded blades
  • As a result, fixed-blade broadheads are more reliable and penetrative
  • Plus, fixed blades are easier to clean and maintain


  • They are more susceptible to winds, resulting in downrange accuracy
  • The fixed-blade broadheads are hard to keep sharp

Mechanical blades – Good for small games and whitetail deer

Adopting modern techniques, these crossbow broadheads feature large petals, which deploy upon the target and cause huge wounds to vital organs. Nonetheless, they do not perform seriously in contact with a rib or bone.


  • The mechanical-blade heads fly as straightly as the field points
  • They can catch a crosswind and prevent the off-blowing
  • The heads cause wider wound and more serious internal damages


  • The mechanical blades can not knock out the large animals
  • The blades might not expand sometimes – such a frustrating experience!


If you buy arrows and the broadheads separately, pay attention to the inserting part. Several ultra-thin arrows might require special inserts.

For that reason, you should go for the crossbow broadheads suggested by the arrows’ manufacturers.

FAQs about Crossbow Broadheads

1.    What grain broadhead is used for a crossbow?

We already suggested above, the standardized grain broadheads for a crossbow is 100 or 125 grains.

100-grain broadheads offer a good amount of speed. However, it can sometimes lack penetration and momentum. Meanwhile, 125-grain choices are becoming more popular, especially for large game animals.

2.    What differences between crossbow broadheads and regular broadheads?

Nothing much to mention.

However, if you really want to tell them apart. Then, we provide some differences as follows:

  • The crossbow broadheads are heavier.

Hunters often opt-in for heavier heads to gain a weight-forward balance so that the arrow flies straighter and with more momentum.

  • The fixed-blade broadheads are a litter shorter

Overall, crossbow bolts are often shorter. Thus, the shorter blades will reduce the wind impact and air resistance and help the arrow fly truer.

  • The broadheads for crossbow has a stronger blade retention

With the crossbow, bolts are shot faster and thus, are more affected by wind. As a result, the broadheads should have stronger retention. For example, the mechanical heads deploy prematurely at 400fps.

3.    Can I use compound broadheads for a crossbow?

Yes, you can.

Because the cutting ability, as well as energy delivery, is not remarkably different.

Just for your note, you might prefer using a heavier head for a crossbow to for compound. Also, consider moving the balance point forward as crossbow arrows are less aerodynamic than the longer shafts.

4.    What is the best crossbow broadhead target?

Practices make you better.

Hence, if you want to master in using crossbow broadheads, then you can use a target. Choose one that is able to handle the draw weight of your bow. Also, make sure the targets are both strong and durable.

Take the  Field Logic Block Vault Four-Sided Archery Target, for example.

Wrapping Up

Coming to the conclusion, above are a list of 6 crossbow broadheads, both fixed-blade and mechanical choices included. Feel free to digest our complete reviews and buying tips so that you can make the most out of your budget.

Some key notes to take away:

  • 100 to 125-grain broadheads are enough. The heavier – the better for large game animals
  • Both fixed and mechanical heads are good. Fixed blades for large hunting game while the mechanical blades are helpful for small to medium targets
  • Check your current crossbow and arrow carefully to figure out the compatibility

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