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Best Types of Hunting

Although all hunters try to achieve the same goal, there are different ways to do it. That is what we call types of hunting. Different methods include the use of different weapons and other tools, different locations, and different strategies according to the prey. According to those criteria, there are different classifications of hunting. Check here some of them.

The size of the prey

The animal kingdom offers many sizes of huntable preys, and this is how hunting classifies them.

  • Small game: It corresponds to hunting small animals such as foxes, birds, coyotes, rabbits, muskrats, beavers, squirrels, reptiles, or amphibians.
  • Big game: it corresponds to bigger animals such as deer, hogs, elk, bear, lion, antelope, bighorn sheep, moose, caribou, or wolf.

The activity of the hunter

Hunters can select how much action they want to use to get their trophies and here is how they can do it.

  • Active hunting: Here hunters need to move, run, and walk to find and get their prey. Sometimes they have to go through the forest to find them. To do so, they need to get the best pieces of equipment to make sure they can resist the conditions.
  • Driven hunt: It might be considered a type of active hunting, but it requires killing the animal when it is still moving. It is common that hunters plan and work this hunt as a team.
  • Bait hunting: Hunters have to sit or stay some time waiting at one specific point until the prey appears.

The tools

The main tool for hunting is the weapon. However, during the process, hunters get some help from other resources. Here are the types of hunting according to the type of tools they use.

  • Guns: When we talk about guns, we mean firearms. They can be rifles, handguns, and shotguns.  And they come in a variety of models and sizes with many different features. This is the most popular tool for hunting.
  • Bow & Arrow: This method requires more precision skills as you need to get closer to your prey. Moreover, it is harder to learn to use this tool. But it has a devoted group of fans who enjoy the satisfaction of hunting their prey using bow and arrow. It is an excellent weapon for hunting big game animals.
  • Muzzleloader: Although it is a firearm, it works differently from modern versions. You can only shoot once for every charge that you complete. It forces you to work harder in your precision skills.
  • Dog handling: Unlike the previous tool, dogs work to follow and find the prey. Usually, hunters have to work as a team. It is a perfect alternative for those who love dogs and hunting.

The time dedicated to hunt

Hunters invest different portions of their time in this activity, and they can get classified in the following way:

  • Seasonal hunting: Hunters only dedicate time to this activity during their favorite hunting seasons. It could during vacations, holidays, or any other time of the year. They can also vary the locations.
  • 24/7 hunting: Some hunters realize they love hunting the entire year. They adapt their lifestyle to do it all the time and get in touch with nature.


The popularity of hunting also allowed that the activity could expand and try different ways of doing it. Moreover, it is an ancestral activity has been evolving for a long time. The use of modern weapons, tools, and pieces of equipment certainly enhances and improve the practice. And people from all over the world keep joining it for recreation, sport, or just fun.

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